Getting the YouTube video ID

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2021-09-02 14:57

This guide will outline how to setup YouTube as a Live Streaming Provider and to allow the viewers to be captured or authenticated with Registrix.  People with the link to the YouTube video will be able to watch it without logging into Registrix.  In order to get setup with YouTube streaming, you must allow YouTube 24 hours to first setup your account

  • Active Registrix Service Account
  • YouTube Studio Live Account            
  • Win10, MacOS            
  • Internet Connection with min (12MB upload)            
  • Dou Screen Monitors

Log into your Studio YouTube account.

To Create a New Live Stream event, click on the Create Button and select Go Live located to the upper right area. You will then be presented with a new window layout in order to configure, start streaming and editing the existing streams.

To create a new stream, click on the New Stream text. If you have already created the Live Stream click on the Manage button.  This will bring out a list of all the current streams

To get the stream keys click on the title of the stream. After you click on New Stream you will then be presented with fields to populate. And then enter the information listed on the page.  Be sure to list the video as Unlisted.  After you have completed the required information, then select the Create Stream button on the bottom of the page 

Now you need to get this Embed Link from YouTube. In order to get this information, need to return back to your channel, to do this click on the Studio Icon to the upper left area. Now select Videos, then Live and your screen should start to look like this

To get the Embed Link from YouTube you need to mouse hover over the Live stream And then select the dot,dot,dot (options) and select Get Shareable Link

Now open a New Browser Window and paste in that link that was copied.

Scroll down to the description area and click on the Share.

Now click on Embed, To the right side of the pop up window is a scroll bar that you can set some of the additional options, and then click on the COPY word. 

Open another web browser window and log into the Management portal of Registrix. From the dashboard, click on the Events, then Live Events and either edit an event or create new event.

Select the Video Source area and select the video source to be YouTube.  Now enter the YouTube video ID that you copied.

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