Encoder Specs for Registrix Live

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2021-07-17 16:14

In order to get the information for the encoder using the Registrix Live channels, Click on the Profile located to the upper right corner and select from the Drop Down Broadcast.

The next window that appears will contain the RTMPS or RTMP information and the Stream Key.  This information must be entered 100% exactly the same or the stream will fail.

Regisitrix Live service requires that you use the following:

Setting Value
Keyframe Interval 2
Encoder x264
Tune zerolatency
Profile main
CPU Usage veryfast
Rate Control CBR
Bitrate 720p - upto 4500 kbps
  1080p - upto 8500 kbps
FPS 30 or 60
Audio AAC
Audio BitRate up to 320 kbps
Sample Rate 44.1 khz or 48 khz
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