Setting up NS records with GoDaddy

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2021-05-04 17:58

This guide will help you to understand the how to add or update the NS record into Godaddy for the TLD (Top level domain)

If you are looking to use a Top Level Domain name to point to the Registrix Platform there are several steps to perform in your DNS setup.

The process should be used only for new domain names or existing domain names that haven’t been used.  Any existing DNS records will be deleted and none recoverable by performing the instructions listed below

Go to the DNS management part of Godaddy for the domain.

Scroll down the page till you find the Nameservers section

Click on the Change button

Click on the Enter my own nameservers (advanced)

Cut and Paste the two nameservers that are provided to you in an email from Registrix and click Save.

Within 4 hours the domain name routing will start to move over to the Registrix Service and the domain name will be available.

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