Adding a CNAME into GoDaddy for Registrix SSL

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2021-05-04 17:49

This guide will help you to understand the how to add a CNAME into Godaddy for the SSL

The easiest way to get a SSL certificate for Registrix is to add a CNAME record to the DNS service.  You are then in control as when you want to revoke the SSL layer, you can delete the CNAME record.  Registrix SSL certificate issue process will occur and issue its certificate as long as the CNAME record exists.

Go to the DNS management part of Godaddy. In your email contains the data to add into the a new CNAME record information.  To get started, click on the Add Button

In the Type drop down, select CNAME

In the Host field add the NAME information from the Registrix email, and in the POINTS TO cut and paste the information in the Value from the email.   

Do not have any spaces or (dots) at the start or end of the entries in order for this to work.

Then click save.

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