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2021-03-31 18:20

This guide will outline how to customize the colors and images for the video page of Registrix.  This is a one-time setup unless the branding has been updated and a new color scheme is being used.  The images that you need are your branding images saved to a specific size in order to prevent the Registrix application from an improper scaling of the images.

The most standard size monitor as of this writing is 1366x768.  The Registrix Application is designed to work on mobile sizes up to 4K monitor resolutions.

Your logo image should be a PNG/GIF with a transparent background.  JPG images do not have a transparent background, therefore the color used as the background must match the color that you put in with the header.

The following images should be accessible on your local computer to be uploaded into the system.  File names should be lowercase starting with a letter and no spaces in the filename.  File extensions supported are .JPG  .GIF  .PNG

Background images can be PNG/GIF/JPG files. This image will auto scale to the browsers window dimensions.  Registrix is unable to control the position of the image as the scale is determined on the browser.  We recommend a 16x9 format at 1920px by 1080px

The Logo has a max-height of 40px and the width is not set.  The current logo width that is display in this example is 187px.

The video player/chat and description are is at a max-width of 1360px and will scale out in height till the end of the content.

The Embed Section can be site to Split the column vertically which results in the following:

  • Split with a max-width of 441px
  • Heights can be set to Small = 500px, Medium = 700px, Tall=1000px, Full Height

Full-Bottom will have a max-width of 1060px and display after the Title, Add to calendar and Description

  • Heights can be set to Small = 500px, Medium = 700px, Tall=1000px, Full Height


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