Getting Started with Eventbrite and Registrix

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2021-04-01 16:16

This guide will show to setup the Registrix Service in order to use the Eventbrite Platform to sell tickets for an event, including setting up the webhooks, API Keys.

The Eventbrite platform allows you to sell online tickets for events and be able to promote the selling of the tickets on the Eventbrite Platform as well as getting Eventbrite Widgets and be able to sell tickets on other websites.  Once everything is configured correctly, then every ticket sale that occurs, no matter from what site, the ticket purchaser’s information will then be sent to the Registrix platform.  That purchaser would be able to log into Registrix about 30 seconds after the sale.

There are two services that needs to be setup to complete the entire project.  There is the WebHook service that must be setup and there is the API setup that must occur.

The API will allow you to sync all of the ticket sales from Eventbrite and place the viewer data into Registrix as Approved List viewers.  This sync manly occurs only when you have sold tickets prior to activating the webhook or if the webhook goes offline.

You will also be able to add the Get a Ticket button on the Registrix Microsite service in case a viewer is shared a link to the Registrix service.

After logging into Registrix, click on Customization, then Settings and select either the eTicket Email only or eTicket Email with Access Code, then click on the Update button.  This mode restricts the ability to add participants into Registrix except through the ticketing provider.

Setting up the Webhook

Log into the Registrix Vive application as an Administrator or Editor, and then click on Customization, then Webhooks.

Click on the Enable switch to active the service in Registrix.

You will then be displayed the URL to paste into Eventbrite.

In a separate browser tab, log into the Eventbrite Platform.  Under your settings in the upper right menu, click on Settings or Account Settings.  The options on the left side, expand on the Developer Links and select Webhooks.  Click on the Add Webhook button.

The next screen allows you to select what events to apply the webhook to, select all events or just the event that will invoke the communication of data

Switching between the Registrix Tab and the Eventbrite Tab, copy from Registrix and paste the URL into the Eventbrite Payload URL.

If you have multiple Registrix sites that you need connected to your Eventbrite Account, please contact with your Registrix Account Manager so we can give you an updated URL and Secret to use for all of the sites.

Be sure to check order.placed and order.refunded as actions.  Once completed, click the Add Webhook button.

API Sync Setup

The next service to setup is the API Sync Service.  This service once working will permit you the ability to force a Sync of Viewer Data from Eventbrite to Registrix.

To get started, In the Registrix Application, select customization, then Vendor Access Keys.  This section of the application is used to store Application ID’s and Secrets from external providers.  To get started Click on the Add Button and select Eventbrite from the drop-down menu.

You will be filling in all three of the boxes listed above.  To get to the Eventbrite Token page, click on the Open Eventbrite App Page.  A new tab will open and you can click on the Create API Key button.

You will be filling in all three of the boxes listed above.  To get to the Eventbrite Token page, click on the Open Eventbrite App Page.  A new tab will open and you can click on the Create API Key button

Enter your first name, last name, In the Application URL and the OAuth Redirect URI copy from Registrix the Redirect URI and paste into Eventbrite, In the Application Name you can enter something that relates to this microsite such as Registrix, add “livestream portal” in the description, check the terms agreement and then click on Create Key.

Eventbrite will then create the keys, and then click on the “show API key, client secret and tokens” in order to view the keys.

With the Eventbrite tab open highlight the API key, then click back to the Registrix Tab and paste this information in the App ID field.  Switch back over to the Eventbrite Tab and copy the Client Secret and paste this into the Registrix Secret field

After pasting this information, click on the “Get Auth Token after Entering Key and Secret” Registrix will then open a new window

Click the Allow button, the window will update and an Auth Token.  This Auth Token must be copied into Registrix as the Auth Token.

Click Save in the Registrix window after pasting the Auth Token, and you can now close the “Almost There” window.

If everything has worked perfectly, now you just need to click on the authorize icon.   This will now issue the final authorization code.

If the icon is now with a slash and when you hover over it, the label returns Deauthorize, everything is operational.  If you still see the authorization, contact tech support for assistance at this time 

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