Creating Templates in Registrix

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2021-11-22 20:03

This guide will outline how to customize the colors and images for the viewers login page and the video page of Registrix using the built in Templates toolset.

Templates allow you to create different styles of how the pages are visible to the viewers.  You are able to clone an existing template, and then make the modification as well as create an entirely new template.

There is only one Login template that can be active.  You can setup the new template in advanced and then on the require date, you can make this new template active.

Events are attached to a watched template.  You can setup different templates for each type of event, if you require this functionality, or you can just assign all the events to one template.  If you modify that one template, all the events would be automatically changed.

To create the Login Template, click on the Templates slide out menu option, and then Login Page.

Clicking on Add will start you off with a default template.  Theme will allow you to edit the selected template.   You can click over a picture in the background image or logo in order to use that image.

Each Gear icon will present a different text, colors, and other options that you can edit for that section.  

The basic tools for the text editor are Font Type, Font Size, Font Color, Bold, Underline, Italic, Justification, Bullet List, Tab, Paragraph, Insert Video, Create Table, Insert Link, undo, redo.  Hover your mouse over its control and it will help you understand the tool.  Below the text editor are two links, one that will expand the text editor and make is bigger, and normal, which will return the screen back to its regular size.

The Background section allows you to use a color, cover image or you can use videos found on Youtube or Vimeo

Click the Close button to close the side window



To upload a new image, select the New button and then click on the Drag and Drop box or from your file window drag a file intothe box.  After the file is in the box, then click on the Upload button to start the transfer.  Your new image will then be displayed on the bottom half of the screen design.

Requirements are:

  • Less than 20MB

PNG and GIF files allow for Transparent backgrounds


You can set the vertical height on the login page from 100px to 500px by using the slider control.  Using the mouse, left click and hold on the blue dot and move the slider left to be smaller or right to make the logo larger. You can see the changes by saving the theme and then open the attendee login page.


To change the color of any of the 4 sections, click on the color swatch in the right upper box and a color picker will become available.  If you are using an image for the background, the background color will not display. To resort back to a background color, click the clear button by the Background image.

The color selector allows you to find your color and you will be able to see the image change in real time.  If you have colors already set, the click on the HEX, or RGB depending on where you are getting this information, and then enter that data in the manual entry. When you are set with the color, click the Save button.  

When you are all done with the page design, Click the Save button located at the upper right top area.

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