Adding Custom Fonts

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2021-11-11 03:54

Registrix has all the top 15 Open-Source Google Fonts available for the attendee page to be set to use.  The main site font is used though out the attendee pages unless a change is made in one of the editor sections.

You can upload your own custom font that you have licensed to use.  Please be aware that not every font is licensed to be a web font.  Please verify the licensing type of your custom font.

To get started, click on the Customization, then Fonts.  The Main Site Font pull down menu lists all the current fonts available in Registrix to use.  This font selection will set the body of the page to use as default though out the attendee pages.  After you make a change, then click on the Update button to save the selection.

To the right side is the Upload Custom Font.  This area allows you to upload a TTF, OFT, WOFF, WOFF2 font into Registrix and this custom font is only available for your attendees.  Enter a unique Font Name to use, this will be used to display in the Main Site Font.  Then select the Generic type in the pull-down menu and drag and drop the font file into the box to upload.

Click on the Upload button to save and upload this custom font.  Once the screen comes back, you can then select this Custom Font in the pull down menu.

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