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2021-04-09 19:05

This guide will help you to create an approved participant in Microsoft Excel and be able to Upload the contents of this participant into Registrix.  On the bottom of the page are two excel documents that you can download to help get started.

Creating an Approved participant using Microsoft Excel and to be able to save out this participant as a CSV, Comma Delimited file that will be saved to the local computer and then uploaded into Registrix.

Using Microsoft Excel, you can import a file from IT that has a collection of account, or extract from a CRM a participant of persons that can be imported into Registrix.  Excel will be the application that contains all the participantings of the accounts.  There should be no blank rows.

The first row in the spreadsheet must be the header row.  The headers must be used exactly as specified.  The order of the headers does not matter, and there should be no blank columns.  Blank columns will result in extract commas in the export file.

The email should be properly formatted.  Registrix will not alter the information in this column.

Column one in the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet MUST be the header row.  Without a header row, the system will not generate a file that can be uploaded.  The only mandatory column is email, all other columns are optional

Valid Header columns are as followed:



A unique ID or Email address (no spaces between letters)   Max 125



Assign a code for the viewer to enter when they sign in  max 10



First Name  max 50



Last Name  max 70



Suffix max 20



Company max 100



Title max 100



Address Line 1 max 100



Address Line 2 max 100



City max 50



State max 50



Postal Code (Zip Code) max10



Country max 20

Save your Excel Document as a regular Excel workbook.  Now you will need to perform a Save-As

In Microsoft Excel, Click on File, then save-as - Locate the Save as Type called “CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)”

Click Save after giving the file the name and location on your local hard drive.

Click on Yes to keep the format and to save the file.  Before uploading the file, close this document by clicking on File, Close.

The next step is to upload the file to Registrix.  Open your web browser and log into the management portal of Registrix.

On the left side menu, click on Participants, then Upload CSV.

Select the Group that you want this participant to be attached to.  Then select if you want to Append to this group, or Replace all accounts in the group.  If you select Replace, all active approved accounts will be deleted.  If you choose Append, then any new account on the participant will be added to the group.  Registrix does attempt to perform duplication testing on the email account when uploading.

Click on the Drag and drop a file or click here and browse to the CSV file that you have saved locally from Excel.

The center box will then have a CSV logo in the middle.  If this was the incorrect file, click on the Remove located to the upper right.

Select the Upload Method, between Normal which can be used for when your list is less than 5,000 rows.  This process will take about 45 seconds.  Otherwise selection Mega-Upload.  The mega-upload method will then place the list into the database, and a timed job will run against it within 5 minutes of uploaded.  You will receive an email when the job started and when it completed.  Depending on the size of the list, this process could take up to an hour.

Click on the Green Upload button to start the process.  At the end of the process you will see a results box

Click on Close to be completed with the upload process.


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