Using the color selection in the editor window

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2021-10-11 20:40

There are several screens in Registrix that uses a text editor for the text control.

The ability to change the TEXT color can be done very easily.  Be sure not to select the Background option, otherwise you will see this color behind the text.

Step 1.) Highlight the text that you want to change the color

Step 2.) Click on the drop down of the color icon

Step 3.) Be sure that the TEXT are is shaded (selected)

Step 4.) Select a pre-existing color OR select your own color in step 5

Step 5.) To create your own color, click on the lower white box, and then move thoughout the sliders to find your color

Step 6.) If you know your HEX, RGB, HSVL color codes, then select the lower right drop downs and select the data entry type and apply the numbers.

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