Setting up Participants

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2021-07-15 16:47

A participant is a single email address or userid.  The system will not allow two of the same IDs to be used.  A participant is assigned unique groups for additional level of security.  Each Group assigned to a participant allows the person more access to events.

A participant can be assigned an Access Code by the data entry person or the system will auto-assign on at save.

After logging into the site, select the menu option, Participants and then select Manage.

In order to add a new Participant you must first search for an existing account by entering at least 6 characters in the email address or just click the Search Button. 

A listing of current accounts will now appear.  If you do not see the new account, click on the Add button located to the right side of the screen, near the middle

A popup window will now appear that will allow you to enter the participants information.  The only required fields are the Userid/Email and the Group that they are a member of

Click Save when you are finished.  The participant is now ready to log in.


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