How to Secure your Livestream embed and play exclusively on Registrix

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2021-04-01 20:20

After you create your Livestream Event on their awesome platform, there is a privacy setting that you need to enable for each event in order to secure that your corporate communicate video isn’t being displayed on a public page.  This process will take you less than 5 minutes.

Log into your Livestream account and then load up the Dashboard.

Click on the … of the event you are going to secure.

Click on Edit

Click on the Pencil Icon

Click on Editor Link

Click on the Privacy link

Check the following boxes

  • Hide my Event from showing in Discovery and search results on Livestream
  • Hide my event page on
  • (optional) Hide Livestream branding on embeds

Click on the drop down under the URL Embed Restriction

Click on the Allow Specified URLs

Enter the URL that has been assigned to your version of RegistriX, such as  You do not need to enter the https:// or http://

Now click update settings.

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