Using Shopify as Store in Registrix

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2021-04-05 17:36

This guide will outline how to setup the Shopify Collection and to apply the store code into the Registrix application.  The Registrix team is not an expert on the Shopify platform.  Please see Shopify instructions for questions relating to Shopify themes, installations, product setups.

You must Setup the Shopify store and all its payment methods.

  • Create Collections on items that will sell that is related to the event
  • Install the Buy Button in the sales channel

Registrix will require

  • A copy and paste of the buy button code

Log into your Stores back end, and on the sales channel you must add in the Buy Button.  Please see the shopify instructions for adding the Buy Button to your store.

After the Buy Button has been added to your store, you must place the items into a collection.  You can have multiple buy buttons for each type of event in Registrix.  Each event can be link to a different store to display.

Click on Settings located to the bottom left corner, then selection Sales Channels

The next window that appears is a request for the type of buy button.  We recommend using a collection of items, but you can do a Product Buy Button.

The next screen will allow you to set the colors and appearance of the page.  Please see Shopify’s  details instructions on the features and how to use them.

After you are finished, click on the Next button located to the upper right corner.

The next page will allow you to copy the code that will be pasted into Registrix.  Please do not close this browser entry until after you confirm that the code has pasted into Registrix.

Switch over to the Registrix tab, then select Templates, and then Stores and either update an existing store or click on Add to create a new store.

Now paste the code in the Store Source Embed and add a sales header to the section and click on Update.

To Apply this store to the event, click on Events, Manage, and edit the event to display this store. Expand on the Banner/Sponsor/Store tab and in the store drop down, select the store name

Down on the bottom of the page, click on the Update button.

You store items are now available and displayed for this event.

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