Nov 9, 2021 Enhancements

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2021-11-09 15:19

The new 4K+ attendee pages has been released.  The advantages of this new design allows the following:

  • Better layout of the space on large monitors
  • Everything is above the fold on monitor resolution sizes of 1024px or greater
  • Interactive area is tab based and allows Admin control of what tab should be displayed to the attendee
  • Selection of events is done by a side-navigation window that appears and allows attendees to type in search words to find events
  • Crisp, clean and modern design.  Header can be transparent
  • Banners are supported and are position above the video player and interaction area
  • Ability of the Admin to send everyone to an Event even while the attendee is watching something else
  • Larger chat area that allows for more chat rows and options
  • Mini-player of video on mobile devices that allows the attendee to type in chat, and see the video at the same time
  • Gamification, the abilty to use the video area as a online game, and the information area to host the live stream

Vive Application

  • The abilty to now select a font that will be used on the entire attendee pages and the ability to upload your companies custom font
  • The ability to set a default interactive tab and send a request to change that tab during the live event, example go from Information Display to Chat
  • Ability to use Video IBM Watson Live API's which allows the admin to create the Live Channel in Registrix, set the security, set the options without logging into the IBM portal
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