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2021-03-30 05:07

Registrix is an easy to use microsite service that will allow you to setup a video streaming platform in minutes. The service allows you to drag and drop images, set color schemes, change text, and create an event.

Registrix BYOS, Bring Your Own Streaming Provider, will take care of all the functions around streaming, such as authentic your audience, set up the web pages, which are mobile ready. Then you go into the settings of your favorite live stream provider and setup the event and cut and paste the player information. 

If your desktop screen doesn’t show the slide out menu, click on the hamburger icon.

The menu options that are available in the Approved Participants mode are all ordered based on usage. Items that you use less, will be near the bottom of the menu. 

  • Dashboard - This Menu item will show you data and charts about how your event is occurring 
  • Attendees - This Menu option will display information about your viewers that have logged into the system
  • Events - This is where you will setup and edit events that the attendees will watch
  • Participants - This is where you will upload or edit lists of email accounts that are your attendees. You can also disable these accounts if needed as well as assign them to different groups
  • Templates - This is where you will create the look and feel for the login and watch pages. Youhave as many templates within each template as you want
  • Customization - This is where you setup the system in general and add in 3rd party tracking codes
  • Privacy Policies - This is where you can upload the text of your company’s’ privacy policy. We do require a Cookie Policy to be in compliance with most local/state/federal laws. We have different types of policies for you to complete depending on where your viewers are based. Please consult with your legal or regulatory department about the content of these policies.

These menu options can vary based on the roles that you assign to additional users of the system. The other roles are:

  • Admin – Full access to everything about the site and billing
  • Editor – Can all of the slide out menu options
  • Moderator – Access to the Dashboard, Attendees, and the Event Moderation menu option
  • Auditor – Access to the Dashboard, Attendees 

To the right side is the Account Pull down menu. As an Admin user you will have full access to all the additional items. All other roles only have Logout and Profile. 

On the top you will see your site name. If you have more than One site that you are running, simply click on the drop down, and you will see all of your sites that you can manage. Information from one site does not carry over onto other sites.

**Each Site has its own Private Data Container, Registrix does not share data between the sites *** 

When you first get online, you will want to get down to the Customization Menu area. When you site is fresh out of the box, all viewers can log in on the approved participants with an Email Address. In order to add the ability to require an Access Code, then you must go to the Customization, and Settings item

The screen will then present to a radio button and you can change to Email with Access Code. After changing the radio button, click on the Update button to save. 

You can always return back to the Email only by clicking on the radio button Email Only and then click Update

The next important Customization section to setup is the Viewer Options. This area is about how the viewers will see things. We have added and explanation of each item on the screen. 

The design type control allows you to use what is called Material Controls which is how interactions with text boxes and more as based on Google’s technical specification. Standard Controls are based on Twitter Bootstrap specifications. After you update this, take a look at what you prefer by going to the viewer page. 

The default time zone will be used for reports that you are going to download and other screens that will appear on the dashboard that shows time. All of the time values in Registrix are saved in UTC and then converted to the time zone specified. What ever time zone you set here has nothing to do with the viewers time zone. 

The other area of concern is the Grade. Registrix was designed for security and is intended to deny viewers from access. The Grade is all about a viewer and if they cut and paste the browser URL and attempt to share that between devices and other people that isn’t supposed to be online. Sometimes you have multiple events occurring on the same day and a viewer will open in a new tab all the events and then just tab between them. By setting this to Normal, this viewer will be allowed to have multiple tabs opened on the same computer and browser and tab between the events. By changing the Grading up to Strong and Strongest, if the viewer attempts to open a tab, then the system will eject them. On the Strongest setting, if anything changes on the viewers device, including the IP address, they will be ejected (mobile devices can switch between towers). The viewer will be able to log back in after they were ejected. Meanwhile on the weak Grade, if they send the watch page URL to their device, they will be able to watch without logging in. (same can be true if they share that URL with the outside world). 

The tracking code is an area that your marketing team may require, so this is where you can delete or add additional tracking codes. Please follow the instructions on how to add this as if your code is not pasted correctly it will break the viewer page. After adding in these values immediately test the viewer pages.

There are two items that you must set the template’s to, the login page and the watch page. You can have as many templates as you want for each page. A Template will contain the logos, images and colors of the two different pages. So if want to create a fall them coming up, you can make a new template, called autumn and then upload the new fall background. 

You can clone an existing template, this will make a copy of the template and then you can edit it. Since you have only one Login page, to make the template be used, select the template in the drop down and then click on Active. This will be the template that your  viewers will see on the Login page. For instructions on how to use the Setup the Templates, see the Using Templates in Registrix guide. 

To edit the Template, click on Theme. 

The Watch Page operates the same, except there is no Active button. Instead on each event, you can select the template to use per event. The template can change on the event without any issue. So you can make it later and then go to the event and apply the template. 

Moving along, we are now working with our Approved Lists of email accounts that can access the system. If you are only going to work with ONE group, then we are set with just the Default group. However, if you want to work with different groups and define different access rights, then you need to start to build Groups.

  • There is only ONE Email account allowed. We do not allow duplicates 
  • An Approved Viewer must be assigned to at least one group
  • An Approved Viewer can be assigned to multiple groups or a single group
  • The minimum data required to setup an account is Email address or EmployeeID 

You are responsible to clean your email list. If your list has garbage data in it, Registrix garbage filters will try to remove it. 

Emails accounts are not supposed to have any spaces, no double quotes, must contain the @ character, and end with .com .uk .whatever. If you upload susan”b@invalid our garbage filters may reject this specific account, but there are times that our filters will reject the entire load.
It is best to gather the data into Microsoft Excel, perform the Detect Duplicates, and clean up this list before attempting to upload it into Registrix

If you are loading a list between different groups, you must create separate Excel files with the accounts in the list. Registrix can add a person that has already been uploaded into group, but it will not remove a person from the group based on an upload. 

When uploading a list, we have two methods Append and Replace. If you perform an Append all email accounts that are in this list will be added unless it is found in the system. If you perform a Replace, then Registrix will delete everyone that is part of that group and then create all new records. This means you lose all your existing attendee data as the attendee is connect to the participant.

We DO NOT RECOMMEND that you perform a Replacement upload 10 minutes before the show as viewers will have logged in. If this occurs then viewers will be logged out.

You can create users manually or by Appending an upload of viewers up to and during showtime. For detailed information about how to upload, see our “Creating an Approved Participant and Upload” guide

Moving on to the Events, if you are creating events throughout the year, then we recommend that you setup categories. This allows viewers to find videos based on categories, such as Sales Training, CEO Talks, etc. You can order the categories by dragging and dropping. Click on the up-down arrow and position it where you want it. Once you have the order set, click on the Update button to save. The viewers will see this ordering.

The difference between Live Events and On Demand Events is that Live Events will ask for Date and Times and calendar download information. On Demand Events do not have this feature.

Within each event category, you can order the videos to appear by dragging and dropping it. Once you have the order of display, then click on the Update button. 

The Main event will show this event to the viewer after they log in. You can have only one Main event, (You can have one main event for each group). If there is no Main event, then the viewer will have to select an event to watch. 

The Show to Viewer will allow this viewer to watch this event. If this is not toggled on, then the viewer will not see this event. 

The gear allows you to edit the event. Send to On Demand will send this event to the On Demand Section and remove it from the Live area. Delete will remove the event entirely. 

For additional information about how to setup the event, see out “Managing Events” guide.


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