Broadcast Messaging and Sending Attendees to Events

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2021-10-06 16:02

These instructions will go over how to send a broadcast message and how to send attendees to an event at the command of the program manager. 

The messages that are sent are not saved to the system for any sort of retrieval.  This broadcast system is not a two-way communication service like a chat application.  Please allow up to 12 seconds for all attendees to view this message.

If an attendee has the video full-screen, this service will return the screen to normal and display this broadcast message. The broadcast message remains on the attendees screen until they click on the close button.  The attendees can always see the last broadcast message by clicking on the bell icon to the right side of the header bar.

To get started Log into the Registrix platform, then select Dashboard, then Events

To the right side of the screen there are two sets of buttons, Broadcast and Sent to.

The yellow broadcast message button on the top of the page will broadcast a message to all the attendees that are currently logged into the system

The yellow icon located in the event title area will send a message only to those that are currently in that event

To send a message click on either the yellow button “Broadcast All” or the yellow icon relating to the event

Enter text only, do not enter any HTML code as this will not be sent.  You can send up to 1024 characters. When finished click the Send button. The attendees will see this message centered in their window within the next 12 seconds.  Please wait up to 12 seconds to send another message to this send group, otherwise the message will be removed.

To send a message to a specific login account, click on Attendees, Attendance menu option option.  Then enter the userid/email of that attendee.  Click on the bullhorn icon to the right side of the screen and then enter the message.   If this attendee is still logged into Registrix, they will be sent this message.

You can now force the attendees that are on a current event into another event by clicking on a purple icon related to the event. You can also force all attendees into a specific event by clicking on the purple “Send to Event All” button

When the Send Attendees window open, select the event to send the attendees to in the drop down selection and then click on Send. The drop down will only display events that are set to Show in the manage events. Over the next 12 seconds the attendees will be forced into this event

Warning: The event that you are sending the attendees into must have the correct group permissions.  If you send attendees to an event that has permissions that the attendee does not have, that attendee will be sent back to the Login window.

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