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Advances with AWS and Registrix

Behind the scenes there are a lot of new updates that you basically are not seeing, and it is about growth and performance.

As the Registrix platform has seen growth of over 1000% year over year, we have increased our usage of what is called Cache.  Cache is a temporary holding place for data so that software doesn't have to go all the way back to the source to get this commonly used data.  Using cache makes an application run faster, serves more attendees and makes a more stable system, but...... and theres always a but...

If you make an update in the management backend, the viewers may not see it right away because of cache.  Registrix is now using two levels of caching.  There is a level of cache between the website and the database server of which you can clear. The Admin can perform by clicking on the Profile menu and selecting Flush Cache.  This will then flush all the cache used in between the database server.

We have another layer of cache at the attendees login page specifically.  Now this cache you cannot clear.  This level of cache will exists for 5 minutes and is created after 10 hits to the login page.  There is no way for use to clear this cache because we don't know what server the cache exists.  This level of cache is created after 10 different requests, the webserver will build a cache and serve up this login page to as many viewers making the request.

So if you are testing out your login page, and then make changes, you may need to wait 5 minutes until that cache is auto purged, and then you can see your updates.

Last update: 2021-05-04 18:15
Author: Rob

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