Syncing data with Universe

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2021-04-01 16:22

In order to perform a sync, the API functionality must be enabled and working

Syncing isn’t something that you have to do daily.  When ever there is a ticket sale, the Universe platform will send over a packet of data that will update Registrix in near real-time.  However, in the case that you already started selling tickets prior to setting up Registrix, then you need to allow Registrix to get the tickets that have been sold in Universe.

To sync, click on Participants, then click on Sync.

Click on the Sync button.  Registrix will not state processing, and when finished the updates have been applied to the Participant Lists.

After thirty days you will see a different button called “Refresh Token”.  Simply click on this button to perform the update, and then when the screen returns, click on the Sync button. 

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