Set up Zoom to perform RTMP Live Streaming

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2021-04-01 19:32

You must have a paid Zoom account in order to perform live streaming of your Zoom webinar.  You must configure this one time.

 This configuration allows for attendee limits that are found within the Registrix Allocated Logins.  You can have up to 100 speakers be available, and have thousands of attendees watching on Registrix.

This method will allow you to have all your speakers login into the Zoom meeting.  You can then have them share their screen and control what speakers are on the stage.  You can then live stream this conference to your passive audience members that will be watching the event within the Registrix system. 

To the left side of the screen under the Admin section, open Account Management and the select the Account Settings.

Click on the In Meeting (Advanced) in the center of the screen and then scroll down to find a switch called Allow live streaming Meetings and turn this switch on.

Click on the Turn On button

Now select the services that you want to use, normally YouTube and Custom Live Streaming Services.

Click Save.

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