Registrix Microsite

Getting Started

Instructions on getting started with the Registrix service.

Lead Capture

support related to the lead capture method of Registrix. Lead Capture is about having attendees enter data about themselves prior to being to watch a live stream event

Approved Participants

This mode involves knowing who the attendees are in advance of the live streaming event. Methods include using a paywall service, uploading employee id or employee names

Technical Details

This category will involve details about 3rd party technical services that you may need to use with Registrix


In our roadmap of the Registrix application, you can discover what new services that we are working on, as well as provide feedback as to what is most important to you.

Video Streaming Providers

Information about how to get data and fields regarding the video streaming providers that Registrix has worked with


Third party platforms are extremely important to the Registrix Platform. Using third party platforms allows you to use the best in class for the services that they provide

Sticky FAQs
FAQ News

New Support Knowledge Base

Registrix continues to expand and now has a searchable knowledge base application.  Over the next 2 weeks, all of our user instructions will be moved into this system.  Currently we will be moving over the text and images and will start the creation of video files spoken in english.

The growth of Registrix has been outstanding thanks to all of our clients and customers.

We continue to look forward to your feedback on ways to make Registrix the best microsite live streaming service.

2021-03-30 15:29

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